Friday, May 20, 2011

PyWSClient Release 1

A while back at work we needed a client to exercise our SOAP web services. For a while we used the SOA Client firefox plugin, and we also looked at the soapUI eclipse plugin. Neither quite did it for us - soapUI had a terrible interface and SOA Client produced messages that were not WS-I Basic profile compliant, so our server side choked on them.

I was also looking for an excuse to learn PySide, so I wrote my own. It is about 150 lines of python code, and makes use of the suds soap client for python and of course PySide to draw the GUI. Suds was super cool, as it built up a object representation of the service interface for me to dynamically build the needed inputs for each service. The whole thing is rather alpha at the moment - no real error messages if you do anything wrong, default window sizing is off, etc. - but it does work (at least for me). So in the open source spirit of release early, release often I'm putting it out there if anyone wants it. No license - public domain.

 - Select a WSDL address and sections for each call with fields for the parameters are provided
 - Supports HTTP Basic authentication
 - Shows the SOAP response text as well as the XML for the request and response

You can directly run the .py script if you have suds and Qt and PySide installed. I've also built a Mac .app (built it on Snow Leopard, so likely won't work for anything below that) that you can get from the DMG download. Feel free to comment or email me if it is useful to you or if you have any suggestions / patches.

.py file:

DMG for Mac (22 MB):

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